What is Ablution?

Wudu means cleanliness and brightness. But in Islam it refers to washing the face, arms, head and feet with clean water. In other words it is called ablution. It is obligatory before prayer or similar worship acts.

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  • Ablution, i.e. Wudu’

    Linguistically speaking, wudu’ is derived from a root that connotes ‘good looking, cleanliness and brightness’, while in Islamic contexts it means ‘the use of water in respect of four organs, the face, arms, head and feet, in a particular way defined by Islam with the intention of worship.
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  • Basis of obligation

    Valid ablution is mandatory for any Muslim to pray and there is no other view on this subject. For ablution to be correct one must be sane, have the intention, follow the proper order and wash the obligatory parts.
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